Need help playing the game?

Basic phone requirements:

- 4g connectivity

- GPS and location services turned on

- Gyroscope (suggested)

- Camera permissions (suggested for AR mode)


The rules are simple: SURVIVE. You'll have to get food to increase your energy, water to stay hidrated... and it wouldn't be harmful to arm yourself to the teeth, the world is zombie-ridden.


Explore your city searching for weapons, coins, water, food and loot boxes with survival tools. Just like real life, you only get one shot at being alive, so make the best of it! If you're infected you'll become a blood thristy zombie, roaming through the city searching for other players to turn. Watch out for antidotes, they're not easy to find!


You can avoid zombies by turning invisible, they won't see you, but you wont be able to pick up items. Hiding is a good way to stay alive while you're unarmed. You can use Zombie blood to become invisible for a while.


Protip: The beta won't guide you through your first steps, you will die very soon if there are zombies nearby. We suggest you use your invisibility if you want to live for more than 30 seconds.

Weapons and fighting

If you want to walk with your weapon ready, just tap Equip from your inventory or choose it in the map view. If you want to shoot a bunch of zombies, just tap on one of them an select the Fight option.


Some zombies are easy to kill (50HP), others are tougher (100-200HP) and there are some fat zombies wondering about that are tough as nails (1000HP), we hope you have lots of ammo or some explosives for these ones (pssst, bombs can kill you too, watch it).



In your cities' public spaces you'll probably find these colored domes, they recharge your stats if you stand inside them. You'll be able to recharge your hidratation (blue), energy (yellow) or health (red).



Final notes

The game is still in beta, so you'll probably find bugs or broken things. We're sorry for them, but hey, at least you got to play!


In the final version you'll find more missions, store items, social media interaction and all sorts of awesome stuff.