Board up your boards and grab your mini-chainsaw. Caterpillars in Britain are becoming infected with a microorganism that induces a hypnotic zombie-like state, eventually leading to a death so gruesome and ingenious, it could have only been developed by nature.

“It’s like a zombie horror film,” Dr Chris Miller, manager for The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester, and North Merseyside’s Mosslands in the UK.

Typically, oak eggar caterpillars stay relatively low and avoid climbing towards light sources to avoid getting eaten by birds and other predators. However, if they have the misfortune of being infected by this baculovirus, it messes with their response to light, causing them to climb to the top of plants in their dazed and confused state.

Their bodies then become a liquefied gloopy mess and pop, thereby spreading the infectious virus to other insects on the plants below and allowing the outbreak to continue. Genius.